The most cost effective way to repair your dock forever

Introducing the SnapJacket, a revolutionary design that is disrupting the entire marine piling repair industry.  Using its Patent Pending design, the highly durable UV protected PVC based product simply affixes over an existing piling and snaps together. The next step is to fill with concrete and You’re done. No more spending thousands and waiting weeks on expensive barges, cranes and heavy equipment. Now, there is a better way.

What causes rotting pilings?

You probably have seen the telltale “hourglass” shaped piling and you may own one yourself. Pilings decay fastest between the low tide and high tide mark. Few people realize that just like termites, there are wood boring clams and shipworms that exist in any body of water.  Your pilings are a plentiful source of food and safety. Once they take refuge in your piling, you are on the road to the inevitable replace or repair decision.  The SnapJacket piling replacement system permanently entombs these creatures and turns your weakened wood piling into a stronger cement one protected by a PVC jacket.  You are left with an impenetrable barrier to marine organisms and that’s why it lasts 50+ years.

From This

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Can’t You just replace instead of repairing a piling?

Sure you could, but why would you?  If you are like most you have a deck, boathouse, boat lift, filet table  or any other variety of structures built on top of your pilings. This could total $100,000 or more invested. It would all have to be disassembled, the old piling removed and the new piling placed.  It just isnt practical. The other technique is to use a buddy piling and bolt it to your rotting piling. That’s just plain ugly plus any new wood piling put in the water starts rotting the day you put it in. SnapJacket piling restoration system is the better of all three of these options. Better, Faster and Cheaper.

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