Hurricane Tested

Before Hurricane

before hurricane

After Hurricane

after hurricane

In 2016 and 2017, hurricanes Matthew and Irma devastated parts of Florida. This dock is located in the Ortega neighborhood of Jacksonville. Due to the up to 90 mph wind from hurricane Matthew and the historic storm surge, the structure sustained heavy damage. However, the pilings reinforced with SnapJackets took natures best shot and remained firmly in place.

Pilings without SnapJackts can be pulled out when tide and wind combine under storm conditions. However, the heavy weight the concrete in the SnapJacket restoration system allows the decking on top to separate without lifting pilings with it.

Why is this important?

When rebuilding the dock, no barges or cranes will be needed. This means less expense and less time to repair. After the storm hurricanes can overwhelm marine contractors and its not unheard of to wait a year or longer for a contractor to get to your project. This homeowner wont have to worry about that headache. Instead they just have to install new stringers and deck boards.

To the best of our knowledge, every piling ever repaired by the SnapJacket is still standing in place. Hurricanes and all.

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