One of our customers decided he could install SnapJackets himself. With the help of some good friends they spent a morning increasing the value of this home. These are his words.

At low tide one day a few months ago, I caught a glimpse of the wood pilings supporting my boat lift and deck over the water. Unfortunately, they were showing some signs of decay and marine growth but it wasn’t terrible…yet. I would probably rate them a 7 out of 10.  I could have pushed out the replace or repair decision for another year or two but I couldn’t shake the thought of them failing at precisely the wrong time when someone was on the deck and plunged 15 feet to the mud and oysters below.

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Project Type Residential
Location Jacksonville, Florida
Completion Date 3/1/2017
Project Size 6 pilings
SnapJacket Cost $1296.00

Completion Notes

  • Start time 9am – end time 2pm
  • 47 bags of concrete used
  • The most solid pilings on the canal
  • Worry free for the next 50+ yearsl
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