The Durosleeve is an industry leading product primarily designed for new construction. It is a CCA treated piling that is completely enclosed with a durable and UV protected PVC. The piling itself is completely water tight so no water ever touches the wood. This is ideal because wood destroying organisms cannot penetrate the impermeable and durable PVC.

Pilings are made in our facility in Jacksonville, Florida and are available to be shipped worldwide.

Is it strong?

Durosleeve vs. Pile wrap

Can’t you just wrap a piling for the same effect?

Wrapped pilings just slow down marine organisms at best. Water is still entering and exiting the piling because it is not water tight. Eventually growth happens at the seams and rips the wrap apart. You are left with an exposed piling and now will have accelerated decay.

Because there are no seams in the Durosleeve  and no water touches the wood, the marine organisms never get past the PVC barrier.

How long does it last?

The product itself is built to last and has a 50 year warranty.

Warranty Info

Shoreline Plastics LLC, Manufacturer of “DUROSLEEVE” heat shrink Piling Sleeves, warranties that it’s PVC heat shrink Pile Sleeve Products are free from manufacturing defects that could allow marine borers and other marine organisms access to damage the underlying wooden timber when installed per manufacture recommendations. What This Warranty Provides. In the event of a valid Warranty claim within 50 years of purchase, Warrantor will, as the sole and exclusive remedy, at its option, either (1) provide a replacement Pile Sleeve or (2) reimburse the original price paid for the non-conforming Pile Sleeve. The warranty does not cover, and Warrantor shall not be responsible for, installation, repair, construction, labor, disposal or similar costs, or for any costs or damage which may be associated with the natural characteristic of some wood to split, crack, warp, twist, or acts of nature out of our control. When installed using approved techniques, within appropriately approved engineering design criteria and proper use, Shoreline Plastics LLC “DUROSLEEVE” PVC Heat shrink Piling Sleeves will prevent wooden timbers from being attacked by wood boring organisms.

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